Urban hiking

This afternoon I hiked around a lake-side park, enjoying the sun and taking too many pictures. To share my journey, I bring you an Anna-style post, but with less colors (because it’s winter) and less fun formatting (because I don’t have much to say). It was just a nice winter afternoon, very cold and very bright.









And my favorite:




my good friend wrote a letter to her good friend and saved the following excerpt so as not to forget it. i post it here for the same reason:

for the record, my wholly uneducated belief is that our salvation as human beings lies in each other. that art of all kinds lets us keep our sanity long enough to fight back. that we should love each other so much that our hearts threaten to break. that we should sacrifice our defenses and walls and worries and hesitations until we experience the joy we were born for. that evil is indifference. that god is a verb. that it is worth the work to transform the self from shattered to whole. that the world is worth it, too. that there is always hope because everything turns out alright in the end, and if it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.

good job good friend, peacock, sister, whatever you will be called then or now. i’m glad you make words.

Roy Blount Jr. + A Prairie Home Companion =

“It is my mission in the north to acquaint people with unstereotypical facts about Georgia. For instance, the almost-insane, almost-naked pop music sensation, Lady Gaga: that name comes from ‘Lady GeorgiaGeorgia.’ She’s from right down here…and her people are just as proud of her as if she had turned out wholesome.”