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Other items which are inconvenient for left-handers include tin-openers, potato peelers, corkscrews, rulers, number keys on keyboards, watches, chequebooks, boomerangs, measuring cups and pencil sharpeners.

Phil Mickelson’s a rightie who swings left. I knew a guy in high school who trained his hands to write equally well. And, less impressively, I’ve learned to skip down steps on the opposite lead foot.

I suppose we’re meant to spend our energies on other obstacles. After all, the un- and re-learning means nothing to our hands and feet and, if anything, just slows us down. But there’s something of determination, and patience, and hope in re-routing things so tiny. Change is possible!


3 thoughts on “Left-hander.

  1. Don’t forget that your Grandpa Anderson was lefty. I think he was always a bit disappointed that none of his kids were lefties.

    My best friend growing up was a lefty, and school desks (the chair with the writing surface attachment) always seemed particularly inconvenient for him. Those desks had elbow support on just the right side, so lefties had to write with their elbow suspended in midair, which had to get tiring after a while.

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