When life tastes good.

Sometimes there are dry spells or soggy flood spells, and sometimes balanced sunniness ensues. I’m pleased to be in a particularly sunny phase for reasons that include, but are not limited to:

  • The Wicker Park Choral Singers (rehearsals start tomorrow)
  • A big new work gig (which will pay for glasses, yoga, and then some)
  • UWP Foreign Film Festival
  • Re-discovering open mic at The Nook
  • Unitarian Universalism (I just dig it)
  • Vegetarianism (I feel good)
  • Kroll’s Corn Maze and fall in general
  • Upcoming fall activities (including a birthday party, Paint the Town, hiking Starved Rock, Homecoming, and possibly catching David Sedaris and Ani DiFranco – separately)

Llama watching over her kingdom

Llama watching over her kingdom

Corn. Amazing!

Corny corn pose.

Baby goat!

Baby goat!

That is all. I hope this finds you all well as we head into fall. May I ask, what things are seasoning your season?


One thought on “When life tastes good.

  1. booo. i hate that picture of me.

    however, i’m glad you are feeling well. there are so many things that are starting.

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