Slow Curveball; Self-Spring Cleaning

"Out out damn spot" by Sidewalk Story

"Out out damn spot" by Sidewalk Story

It’s spring! What a good time to change direction. After an excessive 3-month courting process, Other Candidate beat me in a photo-finish for a really hip job with Serious Potential Employer.

The surprising part? I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. Yes, it would have been right up my alley, and yes, I need a change.

But the advantage here is that I don’t get to rely on a new job to make that change happen. I’ve got to do it myself.

So spring cleaning it is! I’m getting more organized, more active, more joggaliscious, and more assertive. I’m making freelancing a real destination (instead of waiting for something else) and spending more time creating. I want to blog more seriously, and use blogging to really connect with new people. (If this is you, say hi!) And superficial though they be, I think a new haircut and glasses are in order as well.

There’s no one right way to go about changing ourselves, and I suspect that different things feel best for different people. I wonder if self-spring cleaning is as diverse as the folks who do it. I suspect so.


5 thoughts on “Slow Curveball; Self-Spring Cleaning

  1. Beth, yes, yes, & yes.

    For starters, I’ve decided to wear shorts this summer. And since one of the most reliable things to do if you need a change is to get a new haircut, I might buzz my hair again, or go a little shaggy even.

    To bringing on the change ourselves & to the newfangled wonder it so often brings.

  2. did you get that haircut yet? like the one in the cubs picture. I really like that hair cut on you!

    yay blogging.

    miss you!

  3. Hi!

    You are missed. So much so that I put you in my google reader.

    My mom used to freak out whenever I wanted my haircut. She used to tell me that the only reason I wanted a new haircut is because I’m unhappy with my life and taking it out on my hair.

    Turns out it’s true…in a good way. I’m not sure anything is quite as refreshing as a new cut, except perhaps bethj.

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