Sleeping Is Not The Only Rest

The World and Other Places by Jeanette Winterson

"The World and Other Places" by Jeanette Winterson

I enjoy Jeanette Winterson‘s writing more than I do many people (and I love people): so much that I needed to get out of bed between chapters to avoid implosion.

Or maybe it’s that, when every sentence contains whole surprising continents, you can only take so much at once. With soulspeak writing, you risk oversaturation, you need to savor, and you need to spread the good news like the gentleman who gave me a Baptist pamphlet at the gas station.

So I am spreading the news: Jeanette Winterson writes like stream water and blood and a stunning and truthful dream.

Go go go, read read read.


One thought on “Sleeping Is Not The Only Rest

  1. She’s my favorite writer, hands down. Call it poetic prose, call it lengthy prose poetry, call it a strange & beautiful hybrid creature. It’s remarkably resonant writing.

    I’m partial to The Passion & Written on the Body, but there’s a tangible quality to everything she writes, her collection of essays, Art Objects, included.

    Every sentence is charged, but she does allow you moments to breathe, if only to catch your breath.

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