Beginnings (or) I Will Soon Write From Wisconsin

start here by massdistraction

"start here" by massdistraction

What better time to start a blog than at a time of macro-transition? In three days, I am moving from Iowa to Wisconsin, and I am appropriately excited, nervous, and nostalgic. Behind, I leave farm fields, familiarity, a powerful old river, and some very beautiful people. Onward to forests, new growth, a big old lake, and a cast of characters yet undiscovered.

I will miss knowing the vendors at the farmers’ market and the baristas at Theo’s. I’ll miss grabbing hotdogs with the Radish staff and eating fresh strawberries in the kitchen of good friends. I’ll miss biking along the river and knowing that home is just an hour away.

Yet there is opportunity in Wisconsin: a new apartment to call ours, where we can sit on the balcony to drink coffee in the morning and tea at night, plus I’ll have an office to focus on my freelancing. We’ll be just a train ride from Chicago and all of its fancies, and more people also means more choirs, magazines, and volunteer opportunities. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I’m a big fan of cheese and beer.

It’s only August, but this will be the time for new resolutions. Who really starts fresh in the depths of winter, anyway? Jonathan Edwards was around my age when he wrote his resolutions, and while we differ in theology, I’ve always admired the fact that he held himself to such high standards. We should expect a lot from ourselves; it’s a far better use of our time and attention than is harping on others.

Of course, we’re hardwired as ourselves, and moving doesn’t override that, nor would I want it to. But growth comes faster (or at all) with a good catalyst, and what better catalyst than a move from one pocket of the midwest to another? I just hope Wisconsin is as cool as Iowa turned out to be.


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